5 Reasons Why The Truth Really Does Set Us Free.

The most powerful and transformative practice I’ve come to know is also the simplest: Acknowledging our truth in the moment. Yep, that’s it. No frills. No proprietary formulas. No hard work. In fact, it’s so basic and fundamental that it typically gets overlooked!

By acknowledging and following ANY truth at ANY moment, we’re lead EFFORTLESSLY to where we need TO GO…to what wants to be KNOWN…to what wants to be HEALED…to what wants to be TRANSFORMED. This practice is so simple, yet it fosters profound results at the same time….every time!

Here’s the funny thing. It doesn’t even matter what truth you acknowledge first. Just acknowledge something true for you and you will automatically be led to the next truth…and then the next…and the next.

The only barrier you might come up against is yourself…but only if you stop acknowledging what’s true for you. Read below how and why it all works! Then go for it. Again, there’s no special training needed. We come fully equipped by our original manufacturer. Enjoy!

It all starts with asking yourself The ONE Question:

What’s My Truth Right Now?

5 Reasons Why The Truth Really Does Set Us Free.

  1.  ANY TRUTH taps into the source of ALL TRUTH. Think of independent streams and rivers leading to the ocean. These elements may seem separate, but they’re all the same material and are always connected. It works the same way when we wade in truth. ANY truth taps us into the source of ALL truth. The entire universe revolves around truth. And it’s actually OUR human nature as well…although it may not always seem like it! (That’s why so many problems and illnesses happen when we conceal our truth, and push away our true selves.) So when we stand in our truth (any truth), we are supported by the entire universe! A pretty good deal :-)
  2.  There is universal desire for truth and wholeness. To the trained eye, it’s easily seen how people’s bodies are constantly revealing the truth, even if the mind is consciously attempting to hide it. Unconsciously, the body is constantly “turning itself in”. Intrinsically, the body knows that truth is the pathway to freedom. So once we start the flow of truth, let go of our filters/distractions, and get out of our own way, we are naturally and organically led to where we need to go… to deep wounds, outdated beliefs and unconscious patterns that no longer serve us. We’re led to what wants to be healed. No trying. No forcing. No need to figure anything out. We are graciously and accu­rately guided. It’s as easeful as rivers flow to the sea.
  3.  Our body wants to be healed. Our soul wants to be free. Stuck energy, old wounds and buried emotions are stored within the cells of our body….and are kept there as long as we keep our defenses up (including a long list of our many other creative shenanigans). This stuck energy steals much of our life force and vitality. To our subcon­scious, which monitors our basic survival, the release of these old wounds and emotions would feel like certain death…since that’s what it felt like at the onset of the wound. So there’s a good reason most of us unconsciously and consciously avoid looking at our old wounds…as to prevent the release of “scary” overwhelming feelings. That’s why we get triggered in fight/flight, time and time again. Have compassion for yourself and others! This really does feel scary…if you don’t know what’s going and you’ve never made it through before! But here’s the truth: You won’t die! All feelings are simply waves of energy. There are no “bad” feelings. The damage comes from not acknowledging and allowing the feelings to move through. If we let the rainstorm of emotion move through when it comes up, we’d reach sunny skies in no time…typically in just a matter of moments! But until we allow the energy to move through, it will be trapped within us for a lifetime.
  4.  Waves of energy change as they are observed. From a quantum physics point of view, the observer influences the outcome of anything and everything he/she observes. So if someone is observing the hidden or blocked waves of energy within themselves (old wounds, stuck patterns etc.) with unconditional acceptance and love, these old waves of energy are automatically changed instantaneously…by the simple act of observation. The reason these blocks hadn’t shifted before is because the person was never willing to acknowledge (or observe) them before!
  5.  When we acknowledge our truth…NO MATTER WHAT IT IS…we are actually practicing unconditional love & acceptance. Unconditional love and acceptance are ultimately what we all want…and they’re so powerful, they can heal and transform lives on the spot! I’ve been fortunate enough to witness it many times with myself and others. Most of us can understand “the concept” of unconditional love and acceptance, but few of us actually know how to give it to ourselves and others. Acknowledging our truth/experience/essence is actually a working practice (not just a concept) of unconditional love and acceptance. What’s more, this is a practice that anyone can grasp…by simply acknowledging the experience we’re having. That’s it. Then the magic cannot help but unfold. I’ve seen skeptics dumbfounded time and time again. It is literally fool proof.


So if you like, try it now! With yourself. A friend. Or loved one. It’s fun for the entire family! Simply acknowledge any truth you’re experiencing in this moment. Let that truth lead you to the next truth and the next…until you’re led to where you need to go. Allow and breathe with any feelings that come up along the way and let them move through. Now, don’t forget, no matter how turbulent or scary a particular journey or exploration of your truth may feel, know this: The destination is ALWAYS love and peace. So go ahead. Embrace yourself. You’re in for a very soft landing.

Acknowledging The Power: As a coach (and a frequent participant of The Hendricks Institute trainings), Frank Gjata has personally witnessed amazing life-changing transformations of many people (including himself) in short periods of time–sometimes in just a matter of minutes! Frank was so inspired, he decided to put together a book of people’s life-changing moments, exploring the common themes and ingredients of these special moments that could end up being “life changing” for others. As he incorporated these life-changing moment practices into his own client sessions, it became clear that it was this one simple practice of “acknowledging our true experience in the moment” that was at the foundation of what was organically leading them to where they needed to go…and he observed that it worked for anyone and everyone.

About Frank Gjata: Frank Gjata is a life/consciousness coach (certified through The Hendricks Institute), writer, speaker and social entrepreneur. Frank assists people in living consciously through the practice of acknowledging and speaking the truth, cultivating presence, authentic communication and the breaking of old unconscious patterns–and does it all with a sense of humor. He was recently the featured coach at The Hendricks Institute and is currently putting together a book on people’s most powerful life-changing moments, The Moment That Changed My Life Forever. He’s the founder of BlississippiMy Naked Guru and Conscious Ink.