Thanks for joining me!

So here’s the funny (not so funny, and then funny again) thing. I’ve noticed that many of us are pretty miserable trying to be happy and pretty sick trying to be healthy! We read this book. We read that book. We follow this advice. We follow that advice. We monitor our thoughts. We imagine feeling good. We have mantras. We attend workshops. We drink Kombucha. If we were to be honest, most of us would admit we resent the #@&! out of trying to be happy and healthy. Please make the insanity stop!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were JUST ONE THING we could focus on and everything else would just magically fall into place? And what if that one thing was actually something WE WANTED TO DO?

Good news! Because that ONE THING does exist and it couldn’t be more blissful. Since that’s what it actually is: LIVING OUR BLISS.

You might be thinking, really? This isn’t a new idea, dude. C’mon. I could be surfing the interwebs right now. Who’s got time for bliss???

Aha! It’s with that question right there dude do we go astray! Once we live our bliss, we’ll have all the time in the world! (Literally too. You know, a quantum physics thing.)

The trick is…we must: PUT BLISS FIRST.

FIRST, FIRST, FIRST! (Sorry for yelling. I get excited!)

Remember what Einstein said? “A problem can’t be solved in the state of consciousness it was created.”

That’s why living our bliss is THE MOST IMPORTANT, PRACTICAL & NECESSARY THING we can do.

From a blissful state, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Living our bliss is also the most loving thing we can do…for ourselves and others. It’s like being in love 24/7. As a SIDE EFFECT, we will NATURALLY do more loving things. We will NATURALLY eat healthier foods. We will NATU­RALLY attract more fulfilling work and relationships. We will NATURALLY practice more self care. After a particular blissful expansion of my own, I noticed myself organically flossing more…out of the blue!


1. LIVE YOUR BLISS DAILY. Identify and schedule in your most blissful passions and activities. DAILY! Don’t even start with the “no time” thing again. Remember, we already schedule things into our day that are supposed to lead to our bliss? But we have a problem with scheduling in bliss itself?????! The actual end result! Dear goodness humans!


Bliss IS NOT about denial. Quite the opposite! It’s about fully embodying who we truly are and letting go of who we are not. And that happens by being present with ALL our feelings. That’s when we feel most alive. No need to jump out of a plane or go Bungee Jumping to feel alive people!

Now do be aware of the possibility of self sabotage. We need to acclimate ourselves to our new plateaus of blissful­ness as we would climbing a mountain to avoid altitude sickness. Go easy. Breathe deeply. Enjoy the view as you go.

I love how things happen. What began here as an article has ended up to be the official start of the Blississippi Movement.

Join me? Blississippi, here we come!

About Frank Gjata: Frank Gjata is a life/consciousness coach (certified through The Hendricks Institute), writer, speaker and social entrepreneur. Frank assists people in living consciously through the practice of acknowledging and speaking the truth, cultivating presence, authentic communication and the breaking of old unconscious patterns–and does it all with a sense of humor. He was recently the featured coach at The Hendricks Institute and is currently putting together a book on people’s most powerful life-changing moments, The Moment That Changed My Life Forever. He’s the founder of Blississippi, My Naked Guru and Conscious Ink.